Improvements being made to the control metrics are focused on their security. Tech experts are trying to ensure that the control systems are resistant to malware and can’t be hacked easily. In addition to this, new and improved control systems are being developed that provide on-ground pilots a greater degree of control over the drone’s movements.

As is the case with any other aircraft, communication systems are extremely important for drones. They are used by the ground staff to communicate with the drone and to provide necessary instructions to it.





They systems relying on this technology can be accurate but you need to install powerful location enabled Wi-Fi access points. You also need to install expensive Wi-Fi based tags. Applications of indoor positioning systems You can use the indoor systems in almost every area of your life. Some of the most common applications include:

Airports: In the airport, you can use the units in various ways. You can use them to display the current wait time. You can also display detailed information on what you want the people at the airport to know. For example, you can let them know about delays or change in schedule.